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Oil Change

Engine Lubrication 

All of the moving parts in an engine need to be properly lubricated at all times to ensure proper operation.  Not enough of the correct lubrication will produce more heat leading to costly repairs.

Oil Level
The engine oil level shall be within the limits on the dipstick - typically a yellow hoop.  If the oil level is too low, then you risk there not being enough to lubricate and cool the parts.  Too much oil will cause hyperaeration by the spinning crankshaft as well as ruin seals and gaskets.  Oil does break down as the engine runs and the oil level shall be checked periodically.  Depending on your vehicle, you may need to add some oil between schedule oil changes.

Oil Filter
Oil Filters come in all shapes and sizes and consist of two types: canisters and cartridges.  Oil filters remove dirt, contaminates, and other impurities as the oil pump pushes the oil through.  The oil filter shall be changed during every oil change.

Engine oil plays a critical role to the longevity of the life of your engine.


In addition to lubrication and keeping the seals tight, engine oil protects the inside of your engine by keeping it cool and preventing impurities such as rust, varnish, and carbon deposits from forming.

Engine Oil is the lifeblood of your automobile.  As your engine runs, the oil breaks down causing it to lose some of its friction reducing properties.  Moreover, it will pick up foreign particles, dirt and become a sludge-like substance.